Velocity Support Services

Social And Community Participation

We will assist you with the daily living activities and provide additional help where you need personal care to us is more than just physical PM to build trust and strong relations which is why we try to always give you same support worker for consistency and comfort

Community access & transport

In the community We work with consumer’s to connect them with their community so they can participate in activities to get them closer to their goals and achieve greater independence.
One of the biggest barriers to community participation is access to transport. We provide transport to and from activities and support consumers while they are there (as required).These activities may be provided in a centre or in a community setting.Activities can include:

  • attending a personal development course
  • joining a social group
  • attending one of our Clubhouses or Mental Health Hubs
  • outings or holidays
  •  library visits
  • taking in a movie or concert
  • community events
  • sporting clubs
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